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GYS Honey Show 2016

Michael Badger MBE

Michael Badger MBE

This year at the great Yorkshire shows honey show for the first time in some 40 years we had a new face at the helm as chief steward. This was due to the ill health retirement of Michael Badger MBE earlier this year. Over those years Michael had brought the honey show from strength to strength doing a great job of promoting a fantastic show.

This said our new chief steward Mr. Peter Lewis a Cornish man by birth, now residing in  Netherthong, Homefirth wasted no time in continuing this pathway by sending out additional invitations through the Y.A.S and managing on his first year to get record entries into the show. We had some 661 Entries in the 2016 show. The whole show team worked tirelessly along with the judges to produce a top class show once again, making it a credit to the Yorkshire agricultural Society and the general public loved it. So we say welcome Peter and congratulations on a very successful first Great Yorkshire Show along with your stewards who made it all possible.

As usual the YBKA pavilion and bees garden stewarded by myself and Tony Jefferson was also a resounding success. Honey sales were up and the public flocked through the doors enjoying our displays and demonstrations. I would at this time also like to thank the many YBKA associations volunteers who gave up their days to put on this fantastic annual event and showing the YBKA  to be focuses on the promotion of beekeeping in our county by putting on these great educational  displays and connections with the public at large, giving them a united front into beekeeping. The show had record attendances once again this year with just over 35,000 coming through the gates over the three days of the show. The brand new great hall built by the YAS at a cost of some £20,000 000 is massive and an absolute fantastic achievement . This replaced the old flower hall and was built on time between the close of last years show and the opening of this. Packed at the show with trade stands of every conceivable variety plus a cafe dinning hall. Lets hope the trend continues and entries and interests keep rising. This must now be the largest and best show in the country now by far. A great achievement by all concerned.

Dave Shannon

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