Welcome to the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association (YBKA) website,

The YBKA is affiliated to The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and has around 1641 members and is made up of 22 affiliated district associations.

The YBKA is governed by a Council consisting of elected members and officers. Member Associations are encouraged to contribute their views as to the future role and development of the YBKA.

We organise and run a successful Annual Convention with leading speakers and trade stands.The YBKA publishes and distributes The YBKA e-NEWS LETTER each month as part of our mission to keep you informed If you would like any further information about the YBKA, email the secretary .

Members Blog

Here are some of the articles written by our members, perhaps you have been somewhere that may interest our members or would like to share some tips with other beekeepers, if so you can send your article and any photos to admin@ybka.org.uk and if suitable I will add them to the website.