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For Sale

ITEMS FOR SALE Unfortunately Due to ill health Mr. Terry Head of Doncaster BKA. has to retire from beekeeping after over 30 years a beekeeper as soon as poss.  All his hives 12 in total several with honey on them, plus electric extractor, settling tank, wax melter and all other equipment must go. [...]

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Countryside LIVE 2017

The 12th consecutive Countryside Live event took place this year at the Ledston Estate, near Castleford, on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th May.  The mission of the Countryside Learning is a simple one.  It is to educate, inform and inspire children, parents and teachers, so that they can enjoy and appreciate [...]

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Countryside days 2014

COUNTRYSIDE DAYS 2014 The annual event for schools throughout Yorkshire and Humber was held at the Great Yorkshire Showground on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th June with around 3,000 children passing through the gates over the two days. The event is aimed at bringing aspects of the countryside to primary school children in Yorkshire [...]

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A thought for our new members

By Bill CadmoreA thought for our new members Many of our newest members will only have received their nucleus colonies in late June or even into July this year due to the very poor spring. The lucky ones received ‘nucs’ prepared last year and over-wintered to be ready for early sale – the others got [...]

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Jobs in the Apiary for May

by Roger Chappel & Len MuttonWe noted that the opening paragraph in Bill Cadmore’s introduction in the April issue reflected a depressingly familiar story – rain and cold temperatures. Last year (2012) the Spring period started unnaturally well – by the beginning of May most of us were actually praying for rain. We needn’t have [...]

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Jobs in the Apiary for March

by Roger Chappel & Len Mutton March is a crucial month as the colonies start to emerge from their winter slumbers. Food stocks will be very low at this time and it’s vital that beekeepers maintain a constant vigil to make sure there is always food available. […]

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William (Bill) Broader Bielby

So another chapter in Yorkshire Beekeeping closes with the passing of this former sage of inventive beekeeping – William “Bill” Bielby whose innovations included the disc entrance for beehives, the polypropylene brood and super frames and the Catenary Hive “affectionately known as the Cat & Canary hive”.  Bill Bielby, who originally hailed from the Bishop [...]

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JOHN PHILLIPS – 1935 – 2013

In June of 1974 the first A.G.M of the resurrected Halifax & District Beekeepers’ Association was held.  Rev. David Hoskins was elected Secretary, Mr. W. Garnett, Chairman and Mr. Philip Jones, Treasurer. As the summer meetings were arranged (and quoting from the minutes) “Mr. & Mrs. Phillips invited members to inspect their bees and offer [...]

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Jobs in the Apiary for April

There seems to be a lot more variation in the weather these days. The old beekeepers of yesteryear never had to feed their bees in the winter because they didn’t have any. All they had to do was wait for the Sprng to arrive, catch a few  warms – they were plentiful – and fill [...]

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Poly Nucs

The Power Of Bulk Purchase   Yorkshire Beekeepers saved £4000.00 buying these 400 polystyrene nucs YBKA Purchasing Officer, Paul Winder, demonstrates the buying power of the largest beekeeping association in the UK. All YBKA districts were invited to ask their members if they wanted to buy any of these nucs at £19.00 – £10.00 less [...]

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