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The YBKA Annual Spring Conference 2018 is on Saturday, March 24th from 8.30am to 4.00pm at the Manor Academy, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, YORK YO26 6PA
Ticket price: £10 With a food option @ £10
To book contact the YBKA secretary (Roger Chappel): 4, The Green, Brafferton, Darlington, Co. Durham DL1 3LB or
email: secretary@ybka.org.uk
Tel: 01325 315741 Mobile 07905 190 701
You can pay by card over the phone or by cheque (payable to Yorkshire Beekeepers Association).
Please inform us of any special dietary requirements you may have.

Conference Timetable

08.30 – 09.15          Registration and refreshments

09.15 – 09.30          Welcome and Introduction

09.30 – 10.15          Margaret Murdin (NDB). The BBKA and what it stands for.

10.15—10.30          Workshops and how you can book them.

Introduction of Dr. Ryad Al Sous .

10.30 – 11.00          Coffee Break  [Delegates opt for workshops & discussion groups)

11.00 – 11.45          Dr. John Varker.  This lecture sets the scene for the evolutionary history of bees.

11.45 – 12.30          Trisha Marlow.   How Bees help development in rural communities abroad.

12.30 – 13.30          LUNCH

13.30 – 15.30          Workshops and Discussion Groups:

Breeding better Bees & Queen-rearing…………Tony Jefferson & Jim Pearson

The use of honey and beeswax in Cerate………………..Sara Robb

Skep-making……….Geoff Pearson          Re-cycling wax…………Chris Coulson

Discussion groups headed by Trisha Marlow, Dr Ryad Al Sous and John Varker.

15.30 – 16.00          Beekeepers question time.  The YBKA Chairman (Phil Gee) will chair this section. The panel will consist of the speakers, the Regional Bee Inspector and members of the General Purposes Committee. An opportunity to question the speakers on what you have heard during the day and any other beekeeping issues that you may have.

Speakers & Demonstrators

Dr Sara Robb is an award-winning scientist, professional speaker, author and managing director of her company Bath Potions.  Sara moved to the United Kingdom to continue her research but in 2003, she  founded her company Bath Potions, which specialises in honey soaps and beeswax creams. Recipes are available in her first book, : “Dr Sara’s Honey Potions”.  Sara lives in North London with her family and runs workshops at the British Beekeepers Association Spring Convention and The National Honey Show each year. Sara has a continued interest in aging and anti-oxidants, particularly, the anti-oxidants in bee products and how they can slow the aging process.

Margaret Murdin  is a Master Beekeeper and is just completing her second year as Chair of the BBKA.  She has been a trustee of the BBKA for the last 6 years and is Assistant Moderator for the written exams. She assesses practical assessments at Basic, General Husbandry and Advanced Husbandry levels and tutors for the Correspondence Course. . Margaret keeps 9 colonies locally to where she lives and whenever possible escapes from the BBKA to enjoy her bees.  She also likes to work with the BBKA staff and trustees as a whole integrated team and, using this approach, has taken the BBKA from years of losses to two years of significant surpluses without the need for an increase in capitation.

Margaret will talk about the BBKA now and going forward and will be happy to answer questions about the BBKA in general, education or bees.

Dr. W. John Varker is a retired Leeds University Palaeontologist (Earth Sciences Department) with experience in Adult Education. His research concerned microfossils used for dating rocks which is obtained by dissolving limestones. For five years he was a member of an International Committee visiting sites in Germany, France, Ukraine, China, Mongolia and several parts of the United States. John came to beekeeping only recently when he inherited a single empty hive and joined the Leeds BKA.

Trisha Marlow is a BBKA Master Beekeeper and assessor for the BBKA Basic assessment in England, Wales (through the WBKA) and Africa (BBKA Basic in Modern African Beekeeping). As volunteer Project Manager for the UK poverty alleviation charity Bees Abroad, her focus is mainly on projects in Ghana at this time as well as various sub-committee work at home. Trisha is painfully aware of the harsh realities of life in rural communities and of the real changes beekeeping success can bring.  She is also a member of the WBKA Learning and Development committee and is firmly committed to accessibility to beekeeping training and experience for all who seek it. As part of this aim she administrates the BBKA Facebook group with 7400 members.  Trisha is also the Vice-County bee recorder for Montgomeryshire and records moths for the County.

Dr. Ryad Al Sous. (Head of the Bee Dept, Syria 2003—2009.)  Dr Ryad Al Sous is a world renowned bee-keeping expert and former professor of agriculture at Damascus University and has established his new Buzz Project in Huddersfield aimed at helping local refugees and job seekers to find a place and purpose in the community by keeping bees.  He will explain how the conflict in Syria has affected beekeeping and what hopes he has for the future.

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