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SORRY this course has been cancelled

YBKA Husbandry Skills Improvement Programme 2017

Do you know the best way to:         

  • Inspect your colonies for brood diseases?
  • Control the swarming instinct in your bees?
  • Replace old comb in your hives?
  • Maintain the attributes of your best colony in future


  • Guard against pests and diseases?
  • Recognise problems with your queen and how best to deal

with them?

  • Recognise adult bee diseases and apply the correct treatments?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘No’ then you might be interested in the YBKA husbandry Skills Programme starting in April 2017.

Yorkshire Beekeepers’ Association have developed a programme to help beekeepers improve their husbandry skills.  We have 3 one day sessions taking place throughout the county aimed at beekeepers with several years’ experience but who want to improve their skills.  Each session will be different and the 3 days will, in total, cover a the BBKA syllabus for the General Husbandry assessment. The emphasis is on skills improvement and education, and there is of course no obligation for attendees to be working towards taking the assessment.  The course will be a mixture of classroom based learning and practical apiary work, and will be led by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Please note that candidates must have passed the basic assessment AND have kept bees for 3 years or more.

Brief details of the training are:

Session 1: 1st April 2017 at Huddersfield.

Diseases of the honeybee, processing wax, processing honey, extracting and labelling. Swarm control, moving bees, assessing varroa levels, taking a sample of bees and nosema testing.

Session 2: 6th May 2017 at Doncaster.

Lifecycle of the queen, breeding through selection, principles of raising queens, use of nucleus hives. Demonstration of queen raising methods, cupkit, grafting, making up nuclei.

Session 3: 3rd June at Darlington.

Overview of the BBKA General Husbandry assessment, Natural history, Hive records, setting up an apiary, preparing hives for winter, dealing with vicious bees, finding, marking and clipping the queen, uniting colonies, and frame changing.


Number of participants are limited to 20 per session so book early to avoid disappointment

The cost is £20 per session or £50 if you book all three sessions. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Please book through YBKA website or by email to Yvonne Kilvington, YBKA Education Officer.